About Peak Drone Imaging

Who we are

Peak Drone Imaging is based at Matlock in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District in England and since 2012 we have flown at many locations in the UK and further afield in France, Spain and Ukraine.

Our primary objective is to work safely under the current laws relating to flying drones commercially here in the UK to provide our clients with an excellent service.

To this end our pilots are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA permission no: 6345) to carry out commercial drone flights during day and nightime to meet our customers requirements. We are fully covered for third party insurance as per legal requirements for commercial drone flying.

What we do

Drones are rapidly becoming the most cost effective means of carrying out various aerial high level work that previously would have meant hiring expensive specialist contractors.  We can carry out high resolution aerial photography and videography for property, building and roof surveys, crop inspections for farmers,  event coverage and many others.

We are also able to carry out  thermography to locate heat sources and losses using a drone specially equipped with an infra red camera.

We use the latest up to date drone technology and have a range of equipment suitable for various outdoor use and in some circumstances also for indoor applications.

After an initial client contact to establish your requirements  we will carry out site feasability surveys and do a risk assessment to ensure we can fly safely and within the law. Provided the surveys and risk assessment are satisfactory we will then discuss with you in detail how we propose to carry out the flight/s and arrange a date/s convenient for you.

We will liase with you to obtain permission from relevant landowners for the area where we propose to take off and land.

Please note that we cannot fly outdoors in conditions of heavy rain and high winds. The decision for suitablility to fly rests with our pilots on the day.   If it is not possible to fly then we will rearrange a suitable date which is convenient for you.

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